Where To Hang Your Keys In a Tiny House

For nearly three years we have written about every aspect of building a tiny house ranging from heating and cooling a tiny house to welding on scissor jacks to clearing land on which to live. But since January 2013 we have been living full time in our tiny house and the focus of our tiny life has changed.

20 thoughts on “Where To Hang Your Keys In a Tiny House”

  1. leave em in the car, if someone needs it in a hurry they can find em there

  2. Car and house keys in my purse and everything else on the wall by the door.

  3. Bobby Bourgoin

    If I could live in a tiny house (and REALLY wish I could) I would have a combination tiny shelf/table/hook next to the door for keys, wallet, hat, phone/answering machine, notepad and pen…

    1. Benjamin Reynolds

      If it’s gonna have all that stuff, it won’t be very tiny. lol

    2. Bobby Bourgoin

      I’ve got it figured out in my head to be 8″ by 12″ running the height of the wall… so yes tiny

  4. Wendi Roeder-Karpal

    We have hooks for them in our house and will do the same in our tiny house.

  5. Kary Michaels

    In my purse, but the extras are on a magnetic hook on the fridge. I love the Lego holder Quentin Daniel. 🙂

  6. I am In 400 square feet and they still get lost. Thingiverse has a switchplate with a key hook.

  7. I am laughing my fanny off here….at the responses.

    Thank goodness you didn’t pose a question about how many times to wipe.

  8. I keep my keys on a ring with my Swiss Army knife in my pocket. (BTW, if you’re debating, get one with scissors AND pliers.) In my Boler I have a hook above the kitchen counter next to the couch side for the “other” keys I need while there and in the new tiny house that will replace it there’s going to be a covered shoe storage box (on wheels for use as extra seating) under a fixed bench , wall cubbies above for gloves, hats etc. with coat hooks on the wall below, placed right inside the door which is on the long wall. Kind of a mini mudroom along the short end wall of a 2′ x 3′ closet with doors around the corner. If you need to you can pull the shoe box out for extra places to put things while you fuss with outdoor clothes.

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