Yakushima Takatsuka Lodge

Mountain hut built in the National park of Yakushima Island. The hut was rebuilt on the foundation of the old hut taken down of dilapidation. The Paper tube wall allows light to pour inside, by filling transparent tubes in-between. Paper tubes can be easily replaced if damaged overtime within the harsh environment of the mountains.” –  Shigeru Ban Architects

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3 thoughts on “Yakushima Takatsuka Lodge”

  1. A lot of work sure was put into building this, but to make it out of “paper tubes” seems like a bad choice to me. It doesn’t mention if they are treated or waterproofed in any way. A good rain would start to deteriorate the paper. Snails & slugs eat wet cardboard.

    1. They are 1.5″ thick and incredibly strong. They don’t warp or expand like logs do under pressure, and are most definitely water proof. Shingeru Ban has built bridges, churches, auditoriums, and many other structurally sound buildings that have maintained their integrity for 15 years and counting. The paper tubes are made from 100% recycled OCC, old corrugated container board, lamented with PVA or Sodium Silicate adhesive, and make for excellent building material. They are like high tech logs!

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