Beth Ann Downsizes for Freedom & Happiness

Norrgard spent the last decade of her 25 years in the legal profession working as a paralegal for one lawyer. But when her boss reached retirement age, she didn’t relish the thought of starting over in another law office. “So I just decided to walk away from everything,” she said. She put her belongings in an estate sale. Gone were her 30 work suits and high heels. She kept her power tools and camping gear. Her darling Tudor house sold in 24 hours. Norrgard took it as a sign she was on the right path.”

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1 thought on “Beth Ann Downsizes for Freedom & Happiness”

  1. Good for you !! That same thing happened to me !!! Worked in a place for 26 plus years, boss retired and sold business. New business owner wanted 50 plus hours a week. I quit, am almost done my tiny house and am getting ready to sell my big house. There is no price you can put on personal freedom. Everything happens for a reason and things always work out in the end. I would have stayed there, had a stroke or dropped at my desk. Less is best in so many ways .Change can be a good thing !!!!

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