Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief was originally designed by Hawley Bowlus. Hawley was an aircraft and glider designer who worked on planes like the Spirit of St. Louis. Piloted by Charles Lindberg, this was the first airplane to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, which was made possible by crafting the lightest plane possible.

Hawley applied what he knew about ultralight aircraft design to travel trailers including work on the Airstream and his own Road Chief. Only 80 of his Road Chief travel trailers were made by Hawley beginning back in 1934. The Great Depression pushed Hawley back into aircraft design work.

Now this classic trailer is being brought back with modern enhancements. It’s a little longer, taller, and wider but still under 2000 pounds!

The only disadvantage is the price tag – $100,000. But before succumbing to sticker shock, take look at the galley kitchen and the other clever space & weight saving elements. This exclusive trailer design could be an inspiration to any tiny owner/builder.

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