Bryce Visits a Student’s Tiny House on Wheels in Florida

Bryce Langston from Living Big In A Tiny House visits with Bradley in Jacksonville, Florida. Bradley been living in his tiny home for three months. It took about a year and a half for to build the house himself. Before he began construction he saved up all the money needed to build the home.

The house’s nickname is Rolling Quarters, which is inspired by the fact that it is literally rolling living quarters and it was funded by scrimping and saving – also literally rolling Quarters. He also saved a lot of money on the build by using reclaimed materials.

For example his kitchen cabinets were made from some recycled cabinet doors and scrap wood. Up in the loft and under his sofa he uses old gym lockers turned other sides for storage.

Shortly after installing the home at it’s current location, hurricane Irma hit Jacksonville. Bradley decided to attempt to weather the storm, but the flood waters caused the creek behind his house to rise above the home’s floors.

In the following days he had to quickly fix the water damage became permanent. He replaced insulation, the floors, and removed all the cabinets to ensure the house was dry. The reassembly went quicker than expected, but was very stressful. Today the house is fine.

He studies accounting at a nearby college and his tiny home replaces the cost of renting an apartment. He saved all his receipts too, and the house cost him exactly $15,246 and 82 cents!

In the bathroom he uses a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet and the fiberglass shower was picked up off the side of the road for free.

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Images here are all screen captures from Bryce’s video.