Do the Unexpected – Live Differently & Downsize

In this latest video from Living Big In A Tiny House, Bryce Langston interviews Liz & Mike who live in a school bus conversion with their son Bryce. They have a mobile business, Finny Hill Photography, and specialize in wedding photography.

Their photography work took them on the road often; so instead of fighting the trend they built a bus-based tiny home and chose to live differently. Downsizing has also allowed them to live more intentionally and purposeful – not to mention eliminate living expenses. Road schooling for their son is also giving him an adventure oriented education and experience.

Choosing to live differently isn’t easy. We often fall into the typical mortgage/rent trap without much thought because it appears normal. Bucking the system and cultural norm also seems risky; but success stories like this give us a peek into some alternatives. Do the unexpected – you might surprise yourself.