Final VW Bus Clean-Up Before Giveaway

Sabrina and Jimmy spend several stressful days cleaning the WANDXR Bus before the giveaway. After spending so much time together in a tiny VW Bus, it must be super hard to expel so much energy cleaning it just so you can give it away to someone else.


The giveaway ends on January 18, 2019 AT 7.00 PM PST. So there’s still a little time to enter this VW Bus Giveaway. You can choose to enter two different ways.

  • Free Entry – send a postcard mailed to Sabrina and Jimmy. For details on this option just follow the instructions you find in section 3 of their Terms and Conditions page. You can enter only once by mail.
  • Buy WANDXR Post Cards – You can enter as many times as you like this way, but it’s a paid entry per postcard. When you buy their postcards you’re helping to support their continued travel vlog. They also give back to the environment, animals, and humanitarian causes with every purchase.

Photos and video by Sabrina and Jimmy.