Happier Camper

The HC1 can be pulled by virtually any vehicle. It’s lightweight, aerodynamic, maneuverable, and stylish. The HC1 is built from the finest materials, including long-lasting bonded fiberglass interior and exterior hulls. The dual hulls create extraordinary strength, insulation, and longevity. But it’s the Adaptiv modular interior that really sets the HC1 apart. Easily configure and reconfigure the interior in matter of minutes to fit a variety of needs, from camping to hauling, guest quarters to pop-up office.” – Happier Camper

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  1. Very interesting concept. Very nice that it is so lightweight that any vehicle can pull it because I think that is a major reason that some people don’t camp–they don’t have car that can eaily pull a camper. Nice!

  2. This seems an excellent design, love the modular furniture. Light interior and versatile in use. Full marks for this one

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