Rainwater Tanks are Full!

Derek & Hannah live in a tiny house in the southern Arizona desert – near St. David (Between Benson and Tombstone). It’s super hot and dry there and they don’t have a well on their tiny house homestead. Instead they have an elaborate rainwater collection system.

But you might wonder… how do you live off rainwater in the desert?  Well… they do get a little rain and a bunch of it comes during the monsoon season (right now). After just a little summer rain in recent weeks their rainwater tanks are completely full and they are adding more tanks.

With enough tank capacity they should do just fine. To learn more visit the DIY Homestead Projects YouTube channel. You’ll find all their tiny house construction videos as well as videos showing the construction of their rainwater collection system.

They also have an amazing solar system, and with Derek’s experience as an electrician – he does a great job of explaining how it powers everything from their air conditioner, to their washer/dryer, to their stove.

Go there now… the DIY Homestead Projects YouTube channel.