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Day 4: Set Up a One-Room Outbox — Apartment Therapy's Style Cure

Day 4: Tuesday, August 6Assignment:  Set up an outbox for the room you are curing and put one item in itThis month is all about making one room in your home more beautiful, organized and healthy. The outbox concept is a bit of a magic bullet – in one fell swoop, it will help with all […]

Sweden’s Smallest Apartment

Incredible interior tiny house design. Love all the wood work. The exterior is a bit on the simple side but I like it. “Have you ever seen something so compact, adorable, and smartly designed? Built as affordable housing for students in Lund, Sweden, this tiny cottage, which is under 12 square meters, rents for about […]

Tiny Apartment in Barcelona

A cleverly designed apartment packs a lot of function into a small space. Lots of great ideas here for tiny house interior design. “When photographer Christian Schallert isn’t busy cooking, dressing, sleeping or eating, his small 24 square meter (258 square feet) flat appears to be an empty cube. To use a piece of furniture, […]

Tips for Downsizing into a Smaller Kitchen

Here’s a short article with tips for downsizing into smaller kitchens. “Kitchens come in sizes big and small and often, kitchen size doesnt always correlate with how large or small the rest of the house is. Here are some of the most important elements that every kitchen needs to keep organized and functional.” via Downsizing […]

Tiny Home Cube for Family of 3

An example of small space living for a family of three. “When designer Monica Potvin and her husband Markel Otaola bought a small apartment in Barcelona, they had no plans of having children so they knocked down walls to create an open studio space with plenty of light. Instead of creating a separate bathroom, laundry […]

East Village Studio Apartment

This studio apartment design makes clever use of a small space by adding some custom built-ins including a loft bed, storage shelves, kitchen, and bath. Thanks again for the tip Jay, great interior design find! East Village Studio Apartment

Diagonal Apartment

This is a little off topic because it’s an apartment, not a house, but it shows a very clever way of using diagonal walls to make a smaller space feel bigger. Diagonal Apartment

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