Feeling Frozen? Chris Larson’s Deep North – Tiny Houses as Art and Commentary

As an artist, I do not profess any deep knowledge about the science of climate change, but I do have specific images that come to mind when I think about it. There is a moment in “The Inconvenient Truth”, for example, when Al Gore explains how the Gulf Stream– the conveyor belt of ocean currents that guides warm water around what would otherwise be a much colder climate, might break and could theoretically plunge Europe into a rather a rather sudden ice age.” – Chris Larson via Huffington Post

via Kimberly Brooks: What Climate Change Might Look Like: Chris Larson’s Deep North.

Feeling Frozen? For an alternate view of climate extremes and the recurring 400 year Little Ice Age cycle, listen to this interview with Suspicious 0bserver Ben Davidson.

Interior Shots Update of Tiny House Ontario

I had an MPAC person stop by my project, Tiny House Ontario a few days ago.  If you don’t know, these are the tax assessors that ensure that the people of Ontario pay their fair share of taxes. I am not opposed to paying my fair share of tax, what I oppose is the way that building codes do not allow people to build as they wish.  I absolutely understand and agree that they need to be put in place so that people don’t just build unsafe, cardboard dwellings in which they, their family and guests could easily burn to death.” – Laura

See more of Laura’s Tiny House in Ontario…


One, Two and Many – Reading Cabin by Marta Wengorovius

On show as part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, the reading cabin comprises a shed-like structure containing nothing but a single bookshelf and a raised seating area.

Visitors can reserve time slots to occupy the library, whether it be an hour or a whole day.

The cabin first opened in Paredes and has since moved to Lisbon. The artist plans to relocate it each year, translating the books into different languages for foreign countries.” – Dezeen

I love the simplicity and warm light inside this tiny building. A habitable variation seems possible with the addition of some cabinets and bathroom built into the back wall and clad in the same wood siding.

Read the full article about the One, Two and Many reading cabin by Marta Wengorovius.

Tiny Backyard Office/Art Studio For Sale

Stephen Marshall at Little House on the Trailer builds great tiny homes, studios, offices, ADUs, you name it. He usually has some some finished and in-process homes to see at his place in Petaluma, California. This week he has an AROYO (A Room Of Your Own) on sale.

“We currently have a fully finished AROYO with beautiful cedar siding for sale for $14,000 on our lot in Petaluma (regularly $20,000).”

See more about this: ON SALE – AROYO tiny backyard office, art studio.

Tiny house dangles from side of building in  Do Ho Suh’s latest art installation, ‘Fallen Star’

Tiny houses showing up in art installations.

The installation, commissioned by UCSD’s Stuart Collection, explores the meaning of ‘home’ and the feelings of displacement Suh felt when he immigrated from Korea in 1991.

More at: SEE IT: Tiny house dangles from side of building in  Do Ho Suh’s latest art installation, ‘Fallen Star’  – New York Daily News.

Fold-Up Table

This is an extremely simple idea done very well. It’s a fold-up table with flip out table legs that doubles as a picture frame. I can totally see how a set of fold-up benches could expand the functionality while not taking up any extra space.

Fold-Up Table

Habitat for Artists

This is an interesting project run by Simon Draper. It’s a funky little tiny house artist community. You can read the whole story on Simon’s website. Here’s a short quote that summarizes the project:

Draper,who has long been working with concepts regarding habitat/shelter in his own art practice will provide each artist with a basic 6 ft. by 6 ft. shed, to be considered as an artist’s habitat/workspace for the duration of the art fair. The artist will inhabit this simple and temporary structure and use the space to create art works or turn the structure into an artwork prior to and during the time of the fair.

Habitat for Artists