Aya’s Tiny House – Suddenly Feels Like a Home

Today we moved a few things into our tiny house and it suddenly feels like a home. There are still many things to finish but I think that might always be the case… Our house is 120 square feet. It’s small. It is 8 feet by 15 feet and is 12 feet high at its peak. It is half-lofted at 7 feet so we have a little lofted bed area.” – Aya

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Writing Studio by Dencity Design

It was designed by Dencity Design to be a writing studio and to give family members an easily accessible but tranquil retreat from the clamor of daily life. The 450 ft2 (41.8 m2) space includes a sitting area, an office workspace and a small library. Although not a house, we think the design would be perfect for a tiny dwelling.” – Small House Bliss

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Hayvenhurst Folie

The house was inspired by the concept of a folie, which, amongst its many meanings, also refers to a small structure popular in France for recreational purposes. By naming it the “Hayvenhurst Folie”, it signifies an escape from both the main house and the street on which it is located.” – NewTheme.net

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Backyard Room with Movable Roof

Swedish company Kenjo is back with a new prefab called Friluftsstugan, or Outdoor Cottage. The new cottage was designed by Johan Svartnäs and comes complete with a movable roof. The upper roof slides out over the exterior wooden deck to make way for a covered outdoor space.” – Design Milk

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I’d love to see the hardware they use to pull this feat off.