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Aya’s Tiny House – Suddenly Feels Like a Home

Today we moved a few things into our tiny house and it suddenly feels like a home. There are still many things to finish but I think that might always be the case… Our house is 120 square feet. It’s small. It is 8 feet by 15 feet and is 12 feet high at its […]

Some Ideas on Where to Park Your Tiny Home

Where do you put a tiny house? This is a very good question and one that almost put a quick end to our tiny house plans.  The short answer is that you can park a tiny house…  continue reading where to park” – Clothesline Tiny Homes.

Writing Studio by Dencity Design

It was designed by Dencity Design to be a writing studio and to give family members an easily accessible but tranquil retreat from the clamor of daily life. The 450 ft2 (41.8 m2) space includes a sitting area, an office workspace and a small library. Although not a house, we think the design would be perfect for […]

A Look at The Exterior of Mike & Laura’s Tiny House

Mike and Laura’s tiny house is built on a trailer, helping avoid development and permit fees. It sits in the back yard of a house in Portland, which they own and now rent to supplement their income.” – Sustainable Business Oregon. Learn more about these 160 feet of Portland simplicity

A Renovated Outbuilding – Got Lemons? Make Lemonade!

This is one of those projects that will probably be ongoing. But it’s looking a little happier since we installed a new wood door (the old door was a hollow core laminate version from the 70’s). ” – A Country Farmhouse Read and see more from this renovation of the Old Sauna. See inside here.

Grandmother’s Tiny House

A grandmother named Monica Smith worked on her tiny 8 x 10 shed in her back yard. Her neighbors laughed when they realized she was converting it into a tiny cabin. It was very strange that she was putting so much effort into this small space. However it was not just a hobby this grandmother […]

Hayvenhurst Folie

The house was inspired by the concept of a folie, which, amongst its many meanings, also refers to a small structure popular in France for recreational purposes. By naming it the “Hayvenhurst Folie”, it signifies an escape from both the main house and the street on which it is located.” – NewTheme.net Read more about Hayvenhurst […]

Prefab Backyard Library by 3rdSpace

The prefab system did away with the typical planning issues and time constraints that go along with traditional on-site building. The design can easily be flat-packed and moved to a new space if the homeowner was to relocate, making this a cost effective solution for people who move frequently.” – Design Milk See more of this Backyard […]

Backyard Room with Movable Roof

Swedish company Kenjo is back with a new prefab called Friluftsstugan, or Outdoor Cottage. The new cottage was designed by Johan Svartnäs and comes complete with a movable roof. The upper roof slides out over the exterior wooden deck to make way for a covered outdoor space.” – Design Milk See more of This Backyard Room I’d […]

The Tinka – Free Plan Download

Here’s a high quality free tiny house plan download. “This is for all those who may have missed the post with the download link for The Tinka (Free Plan).” via The Tinka Free Plan Download | THE small HOUSE CATALOG.  

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