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Reciprocal Roof Framing Complete on Shae’s Earthbag Tiny House Bedroom

The framing is complete on Shae’s heart-shaped earthbag Tiny House (bedroom). She designed it using the Minecraft video game. It’s heart-shaped so a reciprocal roof was a natural fit – and it’s exactly what she wanted. In this family, as you get older, you get to build your own tiny house bedroom. Shea is the […]

Attic Bedroom – For Your Imagination

You never know where you’ll find tin house inspiration. This bedroom is not inside a tiny house, but it could be. Love the use of space under that attic roofline! Erin and Aaron collaborated with Nicole Blair, of Studio 512, and they didnt waste a bit of material.” – Apartment Therapy via Erins Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Budget Bungalow. […]

The BRV1 House Plans Go On Sale at Humble Homes

A new tiny house plan is available at Humble Homes. “The BRV1, A.K.A. ‘The Bedroom House’, is available for purchase from today! (In case you were wondering it stands for Bedroom Version 1 – we’re going to release two versions of this home.)” via The BRV1 House Plans Go On Sale! | Humble Homes.

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