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Bike Trailer Shelter

When I think tiny house bike trailer this is not what I think; but it looks like a very clever way of packing a lot of shelter and function into a small aerodynamic trailer. Bike Trailer Shelter

Bike Trailer House

One of my readers, Tom, sent me two links to some great bike pulled trailer houses in Germany. While the thumbnail images on the first website aren’t clickable you can right-click (or control-click on a Mac) and view the image in a new window. Very inspiring to see someone building bike pulled tiny houses. Thanks […]

Michael Moore’s Tiny House

No really… this guy’s name is Michael Moore (no relation to the movie producer) and this is his trailer house that he pulls behind his bike. Michael emailed me the other day with a note telling me I wasn’t crazy for coming up with some design concepts for bike pulled tiny houses. Michael… thanks for […]

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