Rain Water Harvesting Shed Concept

Over the past week or so I’ve been exploring the idea of buying a virtually unbuildable lot in one of the most notorious real estate schemes in the west, California Pines.

One of the main issues up there is that the 15,000 1-acre lots are virtually worthless for development. This is due mostly to the remote location and the cost to put in a well and septic system. By the time you laid the ground work for a small cabin you’d have spent more than some houses in the area.

But since I like a conceptual challenge I started noodling over what it might take to build on unbuildable land, assuming one could get approval for an alternative, yet truly sustainable, approach to water collection and waste disposal.

I’m not rushing to buy land up there, but I am using the thought to generate some interesting ideas. This first design exploration is an alternative to drilling a well by building a simple rain water collection system that would be later augmented by a future cabin’s roof.