Tiny House, Big Living Now Casting on HGTV

The following is an Announcement from Orion Entertainment

Tiny House, Big Living, a new HGTV series, is looking for couples, families and singles (w/sidekicks) who are leaving behind their conventional lives to build and live in a tiny house! We are seeking people who are just beginning or have recently begun building their tiny house project.

The series is looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving folks who are open to sharing their downsizing adventure with HGTV and their audience!

We will spotlight builders who are customizing their homes to fit their unique personalities–from custom furniture to custom layouts–making the most of downsizing their living space! We are looking for tiny homes that stand out! Are you using all salvaged materials? Are you hiring a professional architect or designing as you go?

Whether you’re building a tiny house to nuke the mortgage, travel the country or minimize your carbon footprint, however you (and your tiny house) roll….we’d love to hear from you! Production begins late winter/early spring of 2015.

For more information please contact: whayes@orionentertainment.com or go to: thbl.orionentertainment.com

Do You Live Tiny? Want to Share Your Story on TV?

The following is a casting call for a new television show provided by the producers of Tiny House Nation:

Do you live the Tiny House lifestyle? We want to hear from you!

Tiny House Nation is a new TV series that celebrates the movement of extreme downsizing. Each week, we’ll meet individuals and families who have taken the plunge and are building their own tiny dream homes.

But, these are not the only stories we want to tell! We’re also actively looking to feature the stories, photos and videos that show off your first-hand experience and design innovation.

Whether it’s multi-purpose furniture design, creative floor plans and window placement, personal touches, tips for living tiny with kids and pets, or ways you find privacy in a shared space… we want you to inspire us!

Share your story, photos, and videos with tinyhousetvshow@gmail.com and one of our producers may contact you with more information about how you could be part of this great new series.

Tiny House Nation is set to air this summer on FYI, a new addition to A&E Networks’ family of channels.

Photo from a somewhat unrelated post about The Flying Tortoise Talks Tiny House Living on TV.