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$300 House Concept by Joseph Sandy

After learning about the cultural needs and expatiations of a housing in Haiti, we set to work in identifying a strategy to address the idea of creating a $300 house. The Haitians expressed the need not of extremely cheep housing but that of jobs. So how could our house design spur job creation. This along with getting local material costs led us to identifying […]

Camping Trailer Design Concept

It is the thesis project, made ​​jointly with Michael Kozlowski. The trailer is designed for two people… Trailer by its own power, water tanks, sewage system enables trip to places where we do not have access to the everyday comforts… The interior is bright and clear, which expands the small interior.” – Lukasz Paszkowski (translation by […]

Shipping Container Cabin Concept – Part 2

Building on the last shipping container concept it seemed logical to add another 20-foot shipping to see how much more space that could really provide. Continue reading about this Shipping Container Cabin Concept.

Rock and Rollit

Several readers passed this onto me; it seems to be a very captivating idea. When I first spotted it I expected to see a HAL 9000 computer watching over the inhabitants because it’s so similar to basic structure of the living quarters of the spaceship Discovery in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. But no, […]

Tanker House Concept

You’ve seen shipping container homes but have you seen truck tanker homes? So far this is just a concept for a tiny house but is really well thought out illustrated. Great food for the imagination by Aristede Antonas. Tanker House Concept

Who’s Next Competition

Over the weekend I’ll be posting several design iterations to my entry to the Who’s Next design competition hosted by Free Green. My design is essentially a cluster of tiny houses. Who’s Next Competition

Tiny House Design by Joseph Sandy

Here’s a really nice little tiny house design by Joseph Sandy. I really like the opposing roof lines and how that might help direct rain water into a cistern. Nice use of interior space too and features a cantilevered loft. Tiny House Design – 120 sq. ft.

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