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Jess & Dan’s Ultra-Tiny House

The couple built this house from the ground up in Rhode Island, using as much recycled material as they could. The wood inside is all reclaimed from an 18th century barn, and looks completely gorgeous. And the interior looks cozy, rather than cramped. There are even spots for a laptop and some cute knick-knacks.” – […]

Couple Builds Tiny Home for $10,000

…Rhode Island couple Jess Belhumeur, 28, and Dan Sullivan, 26, who chronicle their tiny-home lifestyle on their blog, Living In A Tiny House. In January they completed their 128-square-foot abode, which they built and furnished for a mere $10,000.” – Yahoo Finance Read more about This couple built their own tiny home for $10,000

Dan’s Tiny House Plans

Dan built a tiny house for his mom and now he’s put his learnings into a set of plans and an ebook. Dan’s Tiny House Plans

Dan’s Tiny House Project Update

Just a quick update on Dan’s tiny house project. The house made it safely down to Florida where it got a fresh coat of paint. They’ve also purchased the wood flooring. If all goes well this tiny house should be complete in April. Dan’s Tiny House Project Update

What is costs to build a tiny house

Now that Dan has passed a major milestone in his tiny house construction project he’s begun to share his construction costs. What is costs to build a tiny house

Dan’s Tiny House – Roof Update

Dan is building a house for his mom. He’s been making steady progress and the house is really coming together nicely. What is not nice is the weather… he’s been fighting storm after storm… but he’s doing a heroic job keeping the pace up in the face of this constant adversity. You can now see […]

Dan’s Tiny House – Walls Framed

Dan sent me news of the tiny house he’s building for his mom the other day and I posted news of it on Tiny House Design. I just checked back and he’s got his walls up. He’s trying to figure out how to put up the siding and roof by himself so if any builders […]

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