A Cordwood & Timber-Framed Yurt

I’m a sucker for cordwood structures, and this one struck me as rather cool- from a guy, apparently, who is very well versed in the world/field of natural building- cob, adobe, etc. I also really dig the “leaning walls” in this tiny little house/out building (a seasonal one as evidenced by all the screening). Oh yeah, its timber framed too- and seemingly makes use of a recycled door and some salvaged windows (bonus points for Mr. Grossman there!).” -Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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The Beech Tree Cottages in Madison, Connecticut

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen shares some photos and information of a tiny place to stay in Madison, Connecticut called the The Beech Tree Cottages.

“Cozy, fun, relaxing. and charming, this place seems to have it all. I salute the Talmadge family for keeping this 1930s-built seaside resort alive. I have not stayed there yet, but its most certainly on my “to do” list.”

See more photos at Relaxshacks.com: THE BEECH TREE COTTAGES (a tiny house/cottage compound) in Madison, CT.


More Guests Lined Up for the Tiny House Building Workshop in MA (Nov 2-4)

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen is packing the house with special guests.

“We already had quite the roster of guest speakers and demonstrators for our upcoming hands-on, Tiny House Building Workshop, but we’ve added even MORE, well, because we’re crazy like that…”

Find out who at Relaxshacks.com: EVEN MORE GUESTS lined up for the Tiny House Building Workshop in MA (Nov 2-4).


Make Magazine’s Tiny House Camp Audio Slideshow

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen’s Tiny House Camp workshop featured by Make Magazine in this audio slideshow.

“Many thanks to radio reporter extraordinaire Jon Kalish, for piecing together this very cool audio slideshow for Make Magazine! Some GREAT photos are within, and viewing them, I miss the Tiny House Summer Camp crew already- it was such a great time, so many good people, and we really lucked out with the weather! YES, we will have another tiny house building camp in Vermont next year, and I’m hoping we can get Bill Rockhill and son, of www.bearcreekcarpentry.com (in the Adirondacks), and many new guest speakers on board.”

via Relaxshacks.com: Make Magazine’s Tiny House Camp AUDIO SLIDESHOW!.

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen NPR Interview

I didn’t see a link to the audio, but the interview was posted in text. Here’s a clip:

“The tiny house movement is getting pretty big. Tiny houses are 300 square feet or less and are used as vacation homes, guest cabins, offices and even as primary residences.

The appeal is that they’re cheaper to build and maintain. A rising star in the tiny house scene is Derek Diedricksen, a 35 year-old rock drummer and father of two. Diedricksen lives in Stoughton, Mass. and produces a popular web video series called Tiny Yellow House, which has been described as “Wayne’s World” meets “This Old House.””

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