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Pneumad – Inflatable Tiny House

The ‘pneumad’, completed by omaha and san francisco-based min | day, unites an inflatable pneumatic structure with nomadic functionality to create a spacious room able to pack down into a small trailer.” – designboom.com See more of truck-a-tecture transformable structures for nomadic living.

Designers Balance Tiny Retreat on Top of a Boulder

…a compact volume measuring 3.1 meters by 5.8 meters that freely rests on the ground with a stern raised on top of a huge boulder.” – designboom.com Read and see more of this project that balances private forest retreat on top of boulder. photo © jan kuděj via designboom.com.

Prefabricated Garden-Atelier in Prague

The low-cost 28m2 get away is located in the backyard of an existing family house on the outskirts of Prague in Czech Republic. The space-ship looking form consists of geometric panels that are punctured by the volume’s openings – door, windows and skylights – with deep frames to protect the interior from direct sunlight.” – […]

Treehouse by Takashi Kobayashi

Using reclaimed wood, the designer and his collective treehouse people have developed methods since the first building in 1993 for the arboreal structures balanced on living boughs and limbs that avoid stunting the growth of the tree.” – designboom See more treehouses by Takashi Kobayashi.

Camp Luca Vuerich in the Julian Alps

It took just a day for a team of twelve to assemble this 16 m2 (172 sq ft.) cabin at an elevation of 2531 meters (8303 feet). It’s made from prefab panels, trusses, and a floor structure. It sits on 6 concrete piers. The materials were flown in by helicopter; the team made the long […]

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