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Couple Quits Jobs and Built This Cabin for $500

A cabin made from repurposed windows and materials salvaged from a nearby abandoned barn… Inside, there’s no electricity or plumbing, necessities that are easily overshadowed by the home’s most stunning feature, an entire wall mode of windows salvaged from abandoned houses and estate sales around the country.” – Huffington Post Read the whole story at Huffington […]

Tiny Homes Perfect For Newlyweds

There are lots of benefits to living small that are particularly attractive to newlyweds. Many are financial: Mortgage costs for tiny homes, if any, are minimal and utility fees are also low. Of course, this is helpful for couples who are just starting out and may have debt, school loans and limited funds. The two can instead […]

Life in a Tiny Houseboat in Amsterdam

Beasley, who travels and interviews tiny house dwellers, has captivated us with one woman named Ingrid. She lives on a 355-square-foot house boat in Amsterdam. In the video above, Ingrid explains how living in this teeny space has been a dream of hers since she was a child and how much better this way of […]

This Entire Home Can Fit Inside The Average Kitchen

One of Toronto’s best-known little secrets is the pocket neighborhood on Craven Road. But it’s the Little House, reportedly Toronto’s tiniest home, that perpetually grabs the spotlight.

You Can Now Try Out A Tiny Home For One Night

If you’ve been curious about living small but are afraid to take the plunge, we found the perfect solution. Caravan Tiny House Hotel located in the Al… Read more: Caravan Tiny House Hotel, Tiny Home Hotel, Tiny House Hotel, Portland Hotel, Deb Delman, Tiny Homes, Small Living, Portland Tiny Homes, Kol Peterson, Living Small, Caravan […]

PHOTOS: Architect Builds Amazing Tiny Home

"When it comes to amazing architects, Pritzker Prize-winner Renzo Piano is up there with the greats. After all, he did design The Shard in London, Euro… Read more: Renzo Piano Vitra, Renzo Piano Tiny Homes, Tiny Homes, Renzo Piano, Small Living, Architecture, Diogene, Architects, Renzo Piano Diogene, Vitra, Renzo Piano Architect, Famous Architects, HuffPost Home […]

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