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Canadian Couple Builds Tiny House on Wheels

Remember how great Facebook was for tiny houses a few years ago? Well if you haven’t noticed… Instagram is where everyone went – which might explain why Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion! Here’s one example, a Canadian couple building a 200 square foot tiny house on wheels. The house is amazing. Love the use of […]

Extreme Overlanding Tiny Home – Off-Road Unimog

This is a Couch Off-Road Unimog all flexed out- forget the spare tire- it has a spare motorcycle.” – Kilo Mike on Instagram Learn more of this image from Kilo Mike on Instagram.

Michael’s Tiny House

Michael Douglas just finished his second tiny house. His first build was created from a pop-up camper which he used to travel North America this past year. His new tiny house, although larger than the pop-up camper/tiny house hybrid, features an aerodynamic shed roof and reminds me of a miniature version of the Leaf tiny house. […]

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