Tiny House Giant Journey’s Trip to 120 Squre Feet

Thanks so much to Guillaume for taking these photos. I love how he made our tiny house look huge and the land look magical. These photos gives me the same feelings I get when I realize how lucky I am to live in this little house on this mountain.” – Laura LaVoie

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Laura Asks… Does Technology Make the Tiny House Movement Possible?

Do you think today’s technology makes it possible or enhances the tiny house experience? What kind of technology do you have that would be perfect for downsizing your life?” – Laura LaVoie

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My take… I think technology makes any size lifestyle more comfortable and can change how we connect with other people. As size and consumption go up, so does the cost.

So the more pressing question for technology centers around ROI (return on investment). Many designers like to include high-tech solutions in their design concepts – which is good for creative exploration – but when the rubber hits the road (or bank account) homeowners must often choose between high initial cost and long-term consumption cost.

Tiny homes are going to cost less overall, so may afford the homeowner the opportunity to experiment with more technology. But I don’t think technology makes the tiny house movement possible; technology just makes it easier for folks like Laura to live affordably off the grid while still participating in our technologically connected society.

Tiny r(E)volution – Interview with Stacey Whitcomb

I remember running away from home when I was three in the middle of dinner, in the middle of winter in Montana. Dad was teasing me and I gave him a warning but he didn’t believe me. Down the stairs and out the front door I flew. I could hear my mom chewing his ear off as I slammed the door.” – Tiny r(E)volution

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Interview with Laura LaVoie – Author of 120 Ideas for Tiny Living

Even though Laura stays extremely busy with her various projects including being co-host of the r(E)vo Convo podcast, she somehow found time to write 120 Ideas for Tiny Living, the story of how one couple downsized their lives to fit into a tiny house measuring only 120 square feet. In this book, Laura describes just 120 of the ideas they had to turn their tiny house into a home. Everything from construction to decorating to spending time in the tiny house is explored. If you’ve ever thought about building or living in a smaller home, then this is a great resource for you.” – Andrew

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Living Tiny as a Way to Follow Your Dreams

For 15 years I worked in a career that I was good at but wasn’t feeding my spirit. I knew I needed to make a change but I felt stuck in a rut of increasing expenses. What I didn’t realize for a long time was that my desire to live in a conventional home was the very thing that was holding me back. In hindsight, I’m not sure why I ever thought that lifestyle was right for me.” …Continues