Tiny House Plumbing at Life Inside a Box

Derek at Life Inside a Box has started plumbing their tiny house. He has experience as an electrician, but not a lot of experience with plumbing – so we get to watch and learn as he does. This is also an opportunity for us to see how a tiny house owner-builder can really accomplish seemingly difficult tasks – like plumbing a house.

Below are the last three videos on plumbing from the Life Inside a Box YouTube Channel. You can also follow them on the Life Inside a Box Blog. Once the rough plumbing work is done his next big task is wiring the house.

Life Inside A Box – Exterior Siding Complete!

Congrats to Derek & Hannah for completing their tiny house siding – a huge milestone! If you’re thinking of building a tiny house you’ve got to follow Derek & Hannah on their YouTube Channel. While Derek has worked as a professional electrician in the past, he’s never done a project like this himself – so it may give you a good idea of what it takes for a near-novice to DIY a tiny house.

This episode shows the final few days installing siding where Derek attaches the last rows of Shou Sugi Ban siding to their home. As of today –  the exterior of the house is complete.

Next step – plumbing and wiring. I’ve been really looking forward to the next few episodes because Derek will really get to show his expertise – no pressure Derek!

You can read more on their blog, Life Inside a Box. Yuy can watch more on their Life Inside a Box YouTube Channel. You can also learn to cook what Derek eats for lunch at Raw Till Whenever.