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Winter Camp – Civil War Reenactment

Throughout the four years of the Civil War, the fighting generally stopped during the winter months.  Moving troops and supplies was just too difficult in cold conditions, therefore armies went into winter camp.  They were always primitive at best, but some were better than others.” – Jim Stark Read more at the Monroe County Civil War […]

Micro Log Cabin

A 140 square feet log cabin in Colorado. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon See more at Tiny House Swoon

Park Model Tiny House with Log Cabin Siding

Here’s a neat little house with log cabin siding that is located by the beach on Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. The photo was sent in by one of our awesome readers on our Facebook Page so I thought I’d share it with you all. It looks like it might be a park model home so it […]

Crafty Cabin Looks Like a Giant Cut Log

Cool small house with unique shape. “Long and narrow configurations – open along their long edges and oriented lengthwise from east to west – naturally block out glaring morning and evening light while allowing diffused north and low-in-winter south light to enter.” via Slice of Paradise: Crafty Cabin Looks Like a Giant Cut Log

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