Rammed Earth Building Course – Norfolk Broads UK

If you like the idea of building with rammed earth, Michael Thompson teaches a two day course in the UK. Below are the summer course dates.

“Learn to build using what mother nature provides, within my own Rammed Earth Eco-Shed on The Norfolk Broads!These fun and friendly courses will be held over two days and will cover all the essential areas of building with rammed earth.”

  • Saturday 28th July & Sunday 29th July
  • Wednesday 29th August & Thursday 30th August
  • Saturday 29th September & Sunday 30th September

Learn more at Rammed Earth Building Course – Norfolk Broads UK.

Michael Thompson’s Rammed Earth Buildings

A few weeks ago I drew up a 3D drawing of Michael Thompson’s rammed earth wall former and posted the drawings on Tiny House Design. He’s now getting more press for his low cost rammed earth homes and small buildings; read the full article in Eastern Daily Press.

Read more at Shedworking

Learn more about his rammed earth workshops