Model Container Homes

Designers from Adam Kalkin to LOT-EK to Marmol Radziner have deftly adapted these modular storage units to new uses in eye-catching compositions that manage to combine an industrial aesthetic with sleek modern living.” – MODULE R

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Brevard Tiny House Sneak Peak – Love the Model!

Another sneak peek of our next Tiny House! We’ll have a photo of the complete ‘teeny’ Tiny House by the end of the week! …As a young company, located just south of Asheville, NC, we have an eagerness to jump into new projects, and offer flexibility and openness to your input in ways that larger companies are unable to do.” – Brevard Tiny House

Read more about Brevard Tiny House. You can also find Brevard Tiny House on Facebook.

Shipping Container Home Model Kit

This is clever – a kit for visualizing how a shipping container house could be configured. I’ve ordered one and will share what I find in a video as soon as I can. Here’s a quote from their website:

“Have you ever sat and pondered on Container home design ideas? Do you want to build your own shipping container house? We have designed this kit for those people that desire to be able to see a size proportion model of their own container design plans.”

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