Old Bunker Transformed into a One-Room Living Space

This 200-year-old bunker was transformed into a modern bed and breakfast that blends military sensibility with eclectic comforts while honoring the rich history of the Netherlands. Dutch architectural firm B-ILD repurposed the Fort Buren bunker into a one-room “Holiday House.”” – My Modern Met

Source: Old Dutch Bunker Transformed into Modern Bed and Breakfast – My Modern Met

Environmentally Conscious Prefab Home

On the bank of the Geul River in South Limburg, the Netherlands a prefab home manufactured in Amsterdam was built with environmentally sustaining practices. The structure hovers over the ground upon stilts of trees harvested close by.” – Allison at GBlog

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Tidal Wave Proof Tiny House

OK… not really… well maybe… actually I bet this is tidal wave proof. It’s a tiny hotel accommodation currently in the Netherlands made from an oil rig escape pod. So on your next trip abroad be on the lookout for odd places to stay… you never know what kind of tiny little place you might find and how it might make your trip a little more interesting.

Tidal Wave Proof Tiny House