Tiny House Mobile Dentist Office

Here’s a novel idea… a dentist office built inside a tiny house. They move about downtown Dallas, Texas, bringing their office to your office. This makes going to the dentist more convenient and they are still able to provide high quality dental care. Learn more about Nomad Dental. Want to take a closer look? Visit them in their custom built tiny office at the Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree between August 23rd and 26th, 2018. Photos via the Nomad Dental Instagram page.

Space… for a Studio, Sanctuary, Office by Full Moon Tiny Shelters

Here’s a very simple and small tiny house that’s designed to add a little space for those that need a guest room, office, lookout, studio, sanctuary, party shack, play room, or retreat. It also has a roof top deck!

It can be easily towed by a half ton truck, and built on a CSA certified 8′ x 16′ trailer. The walls, ceiling and floor are insulated. The walls are covered in yellow poplar and the floor are birch. Eastern cedar shingles complete this beautiful tiny house.

On the inside it’s just a simple room. For those that need more than just a little more space, some additional finishings would be needed.

Visit the Full Moon Tiny Shelters website to learn more.

Space for Studio Sanctuary Office - Full Moon Tiny Shelters

Space for Studio Sanctuary Office - Full Moon Tiny Shelters - front door

Space for Studio Sanctuary Office - Full Moon Tiny Shelters - roof deck in use

Space for Studio Sanctuary Office - Full Moon Tiny Shelters - roof deck


Green Roofed Portable Office Near Lake Tahoe

Right now, it’s parked on a bit of vacant space in Tahoe City, CA and after two years of permitting work, the Bratts hope to legally use it as an office soon.” – fair companies.com

Listen to the complete story about this green-roofed portable office on YouTube. This unique one-off building designed and built as a labor of love by Bratt Brothers Construction.

Small Zero-carbon, Prefabricated dwelle.ings from the UK

Our most versatile and flexible dwelle.ing has a large living space, a fully fitted kitchen and shower room. The mezzanine bedroom includes plenty of storage and a desk or dressing table space. It can be a small home, a holiday home, an office, a retail unit, a gallery or a pavilion.” – dwelle.ings

Learn more about these zero-carbon, prefabricated eco-buildings.

Bold Design Office Built From Tiny Abandoned Rooftop Elevator Shed

When they discovered a tiny unused room on the roof (it once housed for the building’s elevator engine), they asked for permission to convert it into an office with a view. To keep the budget low, they invited friends to work parties to help convert the 17m2 (183-square-feet) space.” – Kirsten Dirksen

I love the idea of using the floor for transforming the space. Watch Tiny Parisian rooftop office on YouTube. See what Bold Design creates in this small space. Read more at faircompanies.com.

Flex Shed – Structural Insulated Panel Cabin, Guest House, Studio, Office

Structural insulated panel construction, made with super insulated foam, superior materials to average stick-built house. Drywall interior with wood window trim, bamboo flooring. Anderson 100 series doors and windows. Sliding glass door with lock, fully operable awning windows. Waterproof building envelope with rainscreen and hardie panel siding. Totally wired with 7 outlets, 2 20-amp circuits. Switched interior and exterior lights. Can be heated w/the smallest of space heaters. Minimal foundation requirements needed – just 6 pier blocks. Can easily be transported to any destination and will last a lifetime.” – Craigslist Post

Learn more about the Flex Shed…

The Micro Pod

Internally there is adequate space for a desk, storage and shelving, which can even be built into the pod.

A full height window, glazed door and additional desk height window can be positioned to make the best use of the available natural light and underfloor heating along with recessed spotlights comes as standard.

Despite the smaller dimensions there is no compromise on the quality of building with furniture grade birch plywood reveals to the windows, door and skirtings, and sleek white painted walls.” – The Micro Pod

This home office is available in the UK. Great inspiration for the rest of us. See more at The Micro Pod website.

Small Office Fits in a Box

Another great idea for tucking a lot of function into a small space.

“The prototype was designed by an Uruguayan designer, Claudio Sibille. I like the way you can fit the chair into the cabinet and fold the work table down and roll the little office space into a corner. The quality of the wood is attractive and the design modern so it would work with most any decor.”

Read and see more about Small Office Fits in a Box.


Tiny Mobile Office Built on a Salvaged $300 Boat Trailer

Jenine is almost done building her third tiny house on wheels.

“Jenine Alexander likes to built tiny structures on wheels. And she loves to find her building materials in the dump or on craigslist.

Her first handcrafted mobile home cost her just a couple thousand dollars. She only paid for the trailer and fasteners; the rest was salvaged. Her second tiny house on wheels she built with a business partner during the summer of 2010, using salvaged windows and doors.

Her latest craigslist find- a $300 duel axel 18′ foot boat trailer- became the foundation for her latest mobile, small shelter. With another $200 and a lot of searching, she found all of the framing lumber, Redwood tongue and groove siding and salvaged doors and windows.”

via Tiny mobile office handbuilt on salvaged $300 boat trailer.