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Rowdy Kittens and Smalltopia Interview

Kacie Erickson did a recent interview with Tammy and Logan of Rowdy Kittens and Smalltopia that she’s allowed me to share with you. Here is what Kacie had to say:“I thought I’d share with you the interview I just had with Logan & Tammy, it was so fun getting to pick their brains…they BOTH have […]

The Big Move – RowdyKittens

Tammy has posted a short podcast on their upcoming big move and her new book which will be out in September. “Today, I have an inspiration board and an audio blog to share with you. Enjoy!” Continue and listen to Tammy talk about The Big Move + Other News — go small, think big & be […]

Tammy & Logan on Peak Moment Television

Tammy and Logan talk about the reasons they chose to live a simple minimalist life with the folks from Peak Moment Television. One of the side effects of living a simple, car-free life has been complete debt reduction and the savings to build their own tiny home. Tammy & Logan on Peak Moment Television

Tiny House for Rent in Washington DC

If you’re looking for a place to rent in the Washington DC area you might want to check out this tiny house. The interior space is 252 square feet and will be available starting November 1st. I really wonder why more landlords haven’t jumped on the tiny house bandwagon. It seems like there would be […]