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Tiny House Chat – Monday September 9, 2013

We had planned on having our tiny house chat last Monday, but our guest had a family emergency and we had to postpone to this coming Monday.    We are going to be talking about building a business in your tiny house, so that you can leave behind… continues…

One Way to Anchor a Tiny House to a Trailer

Ryan shares how he plans to anchor his tiny house to the trailer in this YouTube video. “Many people have asked how do you anchor a Tiny House to the trailer so that it doesnt come off while moving down the road or get lifted off during a storm. The four front blots will help […]

Tools To Build A Tiny House

Ryan gives a quick tour of the tools he’ll be using to build his tiny house. You can watch the video on YouTube too. “Today I did a quick video of some of the tools I have on hand to build my Tiny House.  These certainly isn’t all of them, but they are the main […]

Ryan is Building a Tiny House

Ryan’s dream of building a tiny house is coming true – some assembly required. He’ll be building himself a modified Tumbleweed Fencl. “Over four years ago I discovered Tiny Houses and fell in love with them.  I have always been fascinated with alternative housing, from the time I was a boy I built countless forts […]

Organizing a Tiny House Meetup in Charlotte, NC

Ryan, from TheTinyLife.com, is organizing a tiny house meetup in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s already lined up some great potential tours and topics. He’s still looking for people that are interested in contributing or participating. Get in touch with Ryan through his blog. Organizing a Tiny House Meetup in Charlotte, NC

Clever Stairs

Ryan at The Tiny Life has found some clever small space stair designs that double as storage. I’m not sure how viable any of these designs are but they sure spark the imagination. Clever Stairs 1 & 2

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