The Shepherd’s Rest

The Shepherd’s Rest, located in the UK, builds shepherds huts similar to those that were used for centuries in rural England. These are built with new materials and to a very high level of quality. The Shepherd’s Rest

Ecospace Workpod

Very nice little backyard home office built by Ecospace available in the UK. It features a nice modern design, ample insulation, double glazed glass windows, and fairly quick setup. Ecospace Workpod

Garden Office Kit

I really wish more American companies would jump in on the tiny house (garden office) bandwagon. There are so many great designs for modern manufactured tiny buildings coming out of the UK, like this one from Garenberg. To top it all off this beautiful little building comes as a kit the owner-builder assembles themselves. Garden Office …

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Enter the Blob

With rumors of an imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence bouncing around the web this week I thought it would be fun to lead off with this alien looking tiny house called the Blob created by architects at dmvA. Inside the hard egg-like shell is a small living space with a bathroom and walls covered in …

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sipsFORM Sustainable Buildings

There are some easy to build, sustainable, and small structures coming out of the UK. They are built from structural insulated panels and you can see several of their designs on the sipsFORM website. sipsFORM Sustainable Buildings

Arctic Shed

2-B-2 Architecture has a shelter solution for those working in the extreme conditions of the Arctic. This until will support three people and is moved from site to site. Arctic Shed

Pot House

I’m really trained and educated as a potter so when I saw this tiny house made from a giant piece of African pottery I knew I’d have to share it with you this week on Tiny House Living. Be sure to read more about it at Shedworking. Oh and for those of you hoping to …

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Shepherd’s Hut

I really like the classic style of these Shepherd huts. They are available in the UK from Artisan Shepherd Huts. While they tend to be a bit on the expensive side their quality it really top notch and would make a great home office. Shepherd Huts