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Tiny Houses for Humanity by Jay Sharer and River King

Tiny Houses for Humanity was originally formed as a result of the housing crisis in Sonoma County, California. Sonoma County has three times the national homeless rate. The devastation caused by fires in Northern California made the need for adequate housing even more urgent. Tiny Houses for Humanity is dedicated to building tiny houses and providing shelters. Learn […]

Could You Be Happy Living in This Clandestine Little Structure?

 Sonoma County is laden with clandestine little structures where a lot of the folks who could not otherwise afford to live here manage to live very well.” – Jay Shafer Read more at Four Lights Tiny Houses…

Jay Shafer at TEDxSonomaCounty

“Jay Shafer is leading a movement that is changing the way America views housing. In his Small House Book, his workshops and thru mass media.” – Jay Shafer at TEDxTalks.  

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