Sustainable Architecture

Lamboo Studio Project

The true sustainability of bamboo is sometimes questioned by environmentalists, but the design of this little house is so incredible I had to share it with you. It’s purpose seems to be to illustrate how the Lamboo brand product can be used to create sustainable buildings. Lamboo is architectural and structural bamboo. Lamboo Studio Project

Nano Living Systems

This is a newcomer to the small green home landscape. It’s a 200 square foot home that is carefully designed to provide space for a family of four. I like the concept and am looking forward to seeing it become a reality. Nano Living Systems


Polymecca is a wonderful example of a well crafted house truck. The house itself measures 14′ long, 8′ wide, and 7.5′ tall. It has a steel frame for strength and lots of woodwork. Polymecca

Tiny House Reclaimed

Here’s a nice example of how an old house can be brought back to life. It’s 400 square feet and was brought back from the brink of demolition by a company called Reclaimed Space. Tiny House Reclaimed

Cape Russell Pavillion by Sanders Pace Architecture

It’s always interesting to see what architectural firms come up with when tasked to design small structures. This one was designed by Sanders Pace Architecture. Their client wanted an off-the-grid structure for weekend use. I think the exterior texture is really incredible as well as the dramatic projecting roofline. Cape Russell Pavillion by Sanders Pace …

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Zero Energy Casita

While this 1000+ square foot house isn’t tiny, it is a good example of how new technology and reclaimed materials can be blended in a new energy efficient home with a traditional appearance. Zero Energy Casita

Living Earth Structures

I always learn new stuff while reading Lloyd Kahn’s blog. This week I spotted this funky little tiny house built by the folks at Living Earth Structures in Petaluma, California. These folks build all sorts of earthen structures including benches, walls, ovens, and houses. They also offer adobe and cob workshops for those who want …

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Stone Beehive Hut

Many people are very familiar with the work, writings, and contributions of Lloyd Kahn, the founding editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, Inc. This photo came from a trip he took to Europe. It’s a little stone hut located on the southwest coast of Ireland. What’s amazing about this little structure is that it’s constructed without mortar …

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Urban Rancher Weatherproofs

Feeling the cold begin to settle into the mountains around Los Angeles, yes it can actually snow there, the Urban Rancher works though the pain in his hands caused by days of hammering and begins to close in his cabin. Urban Rancher Weatherproofs