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What do you think of a corrugated metal ceiling?

The careful design avoids uncomfortably tight spaces. You don’t bump your elbows against the walls and the scale doesn’t make you feel you are too big in a small space.” – Tiny House Blog I’ve seen this done a few times, but this one is especially nice. See more of this Floating Guest House.

The Country Cottage – Bad Photoshop Job, Great Looking Design

The Country Cottage has an open, airy feel in a classic design. The base model includes a skid foundation, floor system, 8″ lap siding, one door and two 24×48 front windows.” – Tiny House Blog Read more about Kanga Room Systems at Tiny House Blog.

Cozy Bed in Tony’s Hornby Island Caravan

As far as the layout, there was careful thought given by Tony about his possessions- what to keep, what to get rid of, and of the things he kept, where they should go. There were specific spots built for specific things- lot’s of open storage under the bed for his many instruments, cd shelves, book […]

Naked Snapper by Tortoise Shell Homes

Bill Kastrinos at Tortoise Shell Homes has been busy developing a longer steel framed tiny house. He calls it the Naked Snapper because it’s a naked shell ready to be completed by the buyer. Bill can finish it up for you or you can buy it as a DIY project. It measures 28-feet long and […]

Contemporary Prairie Schooner

Libby and Tristan are building this lightweight (1000 pound) tiny house with a budget of $1,500 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They plan to move into it this summer and make a move to New England. Most tiny houses are very heavy, much heavier than normal travel trailers. This project is extremely interesting because it […]

Tiny House Directory for Everyone

Kent Griswold is offering his Tiny House Directory free for everyone. This is a very complete listing of tiny house resources, websites, plans, etc. To download your copy visit Tiny House Blog. Tiny House Directory for Everyone

Tales of a Tiny Homestead

It’s always cool to run across someone online who’s building a tiny house. I first spotted Mark and Olivia’s story on Tiny House Blog and have been following their progress via RSS for a few weeks now. Their house, located on the Washington Olympic Peninsula, is coming along quickly with the wiring going in now. Tales […]

Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

My good friend Kent Griswold over at Tiny House Blog has launched a new weekly newsletter. I highly recommend subscribing and when you do you’ll get a handy PDF packed with tiny house online resources. Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

Shelter 2.0

One of the most amazing designs I’ve seen recently for a prefab structure is Shelter 2.0. It was designed by Robert Bridges and Bill Young and is intended to be easily assembled from a small set of standardized prefabricated pieces. They’ve also released the designs under a creative commons license to make it easier for […]

These Bunkies Avoid Building Permits

I always like to hear about folks finding creative ways of solving housing needs. It’s not the beating the system part that interests me, although too often it seems like that is a requirement, which is really sad. Shouldn’t building codes be designed to protect folks… not limit or exclude folks? This article on Tiny […]

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