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Tiny House Directory for Everyone

Kent Griswold is offering his Tiny House Directory free for everyone. This is a very complete listing of tiny house resources, websites, plans, etc. To download your copy visit Tiny House Blog. Tiny House Directory for Everyone

Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

My good friend Kent Griswold over at Tiny House Blog has launched a new weekly newsletter. I highly recommend subscribing and when you do you’ll get a handy PDF packed with tiny house online resources. Tiny House Directory and Newsletter

Shelter 2.0

One of the most amazing designs I’ve seen recently for a prefab structure is Shelter 2.0. It was designed by Robert Bridges and Bill Young and is intended to be easily assembled from a small set of standardized prefabricated pieces. They’ve also released the designs under a creative commons license to make it easier for …

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Cozy Cottage For Sale

I really like the design of this tiny house. The steep roof and low side walls really give it a cottage look. This one is also for sale and located in Sebastopol, California. The seller is asking $19,900 for it. Cozy Cottage For Sale

Retro Trailers

I’ve really enjoyed some of the recent retro travel trailer posts on Tiny House Blog. These teardrop trailer designs are really incredible and they pack a lot of function into so little space. Teardrop Trailer Gatherings Retro Traveler