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Inside The Mud House, Turkey

A self-built house constructed from earth bags in Turkey. Photos by Melissa Maple. More info. here.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of The Mud House

Turkish Stone Cottage

The walls are made out of a two-layered construction of stone and bricks. This results in a 60 cm thick wall, thus helping regulate the heat inside the house. It allows the house to stay cool in summers, and preserves the heat inside during winters. The roof is carried by a simple wooden truss construction. […]

Earthbag House in Turkey Survives 6.1 Earthquake

Of all the building methods earthbags seems the most inviting. Here’s another example of their strength under adverse conditions. “The house has a diameter of 6 metres and is circular for maximum strength. After a winter of deluges, unprecedented freezing nights and last week a 6.1 earthquake, the house is still standing not only strong, […]

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