Can You Imagine Life in a Tiny Cave Home?

The Rock Cottage embedded in a sandstone cliff is located on five acres of woodlands and gardens in Wolverley, Worcestershire, England. It was built back in the 1770s and consists of three adjoining caves.” – Eric Token via The Rock Cottage, Worcestershire, England – 15 Most Unusual Underground and Cave Houses.

Subtle Subterranean House

This house isn’t tiny but it is an interesting approach that could be downsized to provide an interesting underground tiny home. The view from inside would be virtually non-existant but it would provide incredible privacy. Subtle Subterranean House

Underground Concrete Addition

While this project is an addition to a much larger home, it seemed like a good one to share since it could stand-alone as a separate small underground home. Building underground always seemed like a great idea to me, even though it presents many unique challenges. Underground Concrete Addition