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Urban Rancher – Exterior Complete

The Urban Rancher has reached an important milestone, the exterior of his little cabin in the mountains above Los Angeles is complete. More good news is that he’s no longer jobless and back in a positive cash flow situation. Urban Rancher – Exterior Complete

Happy Days for the Urban Rancher

The Urban Rancher recently finished the exterior of his cabin, an important milestone, and won a wind turbine through a contest at Jetson Green.  He also posted an itemized material list of what he’s spent so far building his cabin. The total so far is $3635.97. Happy Days for the Urban Rancher

Urban Rancher – Insulated

After a tough start to 2010 the Urban Rancher is back at work on his tiny house in the mountains outside Los Angeles. The cabin is now insulated and the unfinished, albeit closed-in, cabin made it through the rough winter just fine. Urban Rancher – Insulated

Urban Rancher Update

I’ve been really impressed with the progress the Urban Rancher has been making in the mountains outside Los Angeles. His simple design and good choice of materials is going to give him and great little remote cabin. His most recent update was to add galvalume roofing. Urban Rancher Update

Urban Rancher – 4 Walls and Roof Framing

The Urban Rancher is making excellent progress on his tiny house and it’s still early enough in the process to see how everything is going to go together. Over the Columbus Day weekend he put up his first two framed walls. He then moved onto the other two walls and now has roof rafters in […]

Urban Rancher

This is a great story of the Urban Rancher, a freelance designer in Los Angeles who has bought some property in the mountains outside of town and is building a mortgage free tiny house. Construction has just begun but first he’s got to visualize some design options. This is definitely a project to follow. Urban […]

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