Solo Female Lives in Van in Canada’s Most Expensive City

Kate began her vanlife experiment with a 2 month road trip. She liked it just fine, so decided to stay in the van. She lives very simply and has made few modifications. Best of all it gives her the freedom to live how she wants to and for very little money in the most expensive city in Canada… Vancouver. For more great videos like this follow Forrest Stevens on Youtube.


Tiny House Delivery to Gambier Island

This tiny cabin was sent to Gambier Island, located north of Vancouver, and measures just 16′ x 12′. It was built by Click Modular Homes and then sent by boat to its permanent location. It’s only 192 sq ft and is just a one-room cabin – with a loft bedroom. To learn more about the builder, visit Click Modular Homes.

Gambier Island Cabin Home Delivery 2

Gambier Island Cabin

Gambier Island Cabin to be finished

Gambier Island Cabin ladder detail

Gambier Island Cabin fine woodwork

Gambier Island Cabin deck with a view