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Retreat Communities with Tiny Living Accommodations

For the new year, I’m planning on taking some time away from the computer to contemplate the next few months, practice some yoga and do some quiet meditation. While searching around for a retreat location, I kept running into meditation retreats and centers that had some sweet tiny houses, yurts and cabins for rent. Each […]

20′ Wooden Yurt For Sale

20′ ft diameter portable all season insulated wooden yurt, 16 wall panels, 16 roof panels, 2 doors(one beautifully custom), 9 windows, hole for wood stove flu, & a small dog/cat door…. GORGEOUS! Will help raise the yurt if within a reasonable distance. also, deck (trex) material for sale for $300. Sad to sell, but need […]

Cabin Fever for Tiny Homes

The Guardian reports on cabin fever and the increasing popularity of tiny homes. “Kill for a cabin? Yearn for a yurt? You are not alone. Oliver Burkeman joins the tiny-home appreciation society.” via Cabin fever: I want a tiny home | Life and style | The Guardian.  

Rotunda Living

A new tiny house builder in the UK specializes in yurt inspired round houses. “Rotunda Living is now up and running for those of you with a penchant for circular shedworking. Pictured above and below is their first 4m pod, modelled by the company’s founder Gemma Roe and her new baby, which you can now […]

30 Foot Pacific Yurt Assembly Video

Have you ever wanted to see how a yurt goes up? Here’s a video from Pacific Yurts. “A slideshow of the construction of our 30′ display model- from the ground up!” via 30 Foot Pacific Yurt Assembly – YouTube.

Hybrid Tiny Home

While this tiny house looks like a portable structure it is in fact built much more like a normal stick-built home. I thought the unusual shape and clever design made it a worthy design concept to share. It was created by John Paananen. Hybrid Tiny Home

Geo-Lite Hybrid Yurts

One of my readers, David, tipped me off to these simple prefab yurts made by Geo-Lite Systems. They also sell some very interesting stand-alone home utility systems that combine the bathroom, kitchen, heating, electric power  and waste handling systems. Great find, thanks David. Geo-Lite Hybrid Yurts

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