The Rockhill – A Tiny Cabin in Vermont

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen reports back with an update on the cabin built at the tiny house building summer camp.

“I was back up at my camp in Vermont last weekend (the site of July’s “Tiny House-Building Summer Camp”) and worked on readying some of the structures we worked on, for the coming winter (just in case I can’t make it back up there anytime soon). As I’ve mentioned, my 10 acres in Vermont has always been my experimenting grounds, and photo subject-matter for my “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” book, but the upkeep on so many structures does get time consuming. Cleaning them, porcupine-proofing them, waterproofing their half-done status, and more- it all adds up! Yes, the porcupines are back at it- eating all of the plywood they can get their hands on (see the side story in my book).”

via Tiny House/Cabin In Vermont UPDATE “The Rockhill”.