10-Foot Wide Tiny Home by Nelson Tiny Houses

A popular trend in the world of tiny houses on wheels is to build the home 10-feet wide. While this is over the road limit of 8-feet, 6-inches, most people don’t move their tiny homes often and obtaining a temporary oversize load permit to move the house is usually not too hard to obtain.

The builder of this home is Nelson Tiny Houses, located in Nelson, British Columbia. The homes they build are always filled with beautiful custom woodwork and every detail carefully thought-through.  Subscribe to the Nelson Tiny Houses YouTube Channel for more videos from this tiny house builder.

Video and image by Nelson Tiny Houses.

3 thoughts on “10-Foot Wide Tiny Home by Nelson Tiny Houses”

  1. Stephanie Clemons

    How many square feet are in the 10-foot-wide tiny house by Nelson Tiny Houses and how much did it cost? Thank you.

  2. Beverley Collins

    Looking for the cost of a 10 ft wide tiny house around 24 ft long bed down stairs and one upstairs with standing room one above the other then the stairs to go up and then the bathroom and then the kitchen then the living room looking for price pl ty Bev

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