10×16 Tiny House “Shed” in Vermont

Rich in Vermont built this tiny 10×16 shed. This photo was taken in 2013. Here’s what he said when he posted the photo.

I’m done with clapboard! Well, not entirely, but I need a couple of doors on the shed before that can happen. The second coat of paint is on, but the trim paint won’t be done until next year.” – rich2Vermont

Read the entire forum thread on the countryplans.com forum. Photos by rich2Vermont. See even more photos all in one place on photobucket.com.



6 thoughts on “10×16 Tiny House “Shed” in Vermont”

  1. Love the porch add-on, and it looks like the loft has plenty of head room. Take one of these and build the porch all the way around. A vision of mine for a long time now. Nice job, love the stripped bark posts used inside and out!

  2. This is a great adaptation of the farmhouse style. I, also, like the idea of continuing the porch all the way around. However, I would then enclose some of that porch space to create a bathroom. The owners of old farmhouses often added an addition to the side or back when they installed indoor plumbing.

  3. Chava LeBarton

    Wonderful design, especially with stairs instead of a ladder. Well done!

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