1966 Scotsman Vintage Trailer

The other day a friend of mine, Trudy, called me and said her uncle was visiting with his vintage trailer and asked if I would like to see it.Charles is retired and travels around a fair amount with his wife Virginia to vintage trailer shows and since he has retired he plays Santa Clause at many events as he has the right look for the part.Chales Diffey in front of the 1966 Scotsman trailerI drove down to their house to see the trailer and wow it is a beauty! A 14 foot Scotsman built in 1966 and weighs in around 1,000 pounds. Charles took two years restoring this trailer and has done an excellent job.”

See inside this tiny trailer

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  1. 1’M 77, have a bad case of arthritis, had 3 heart attacks and a triple bypass. Husband has Parkinson’s Disease. We downsized, but still have a hatrd time maintaining our condo. I have a plan in mind for a tiny trailer home about 8 X 18 plus an 8 X 4 porch extension. Envirolet toilet, walk-in tub, wall water heater, Freezer chest on the bottom refrigerator-freezer. PUR faucet w/ filter, washer-dryer combo and extra sink. A comfortable sofa-bed Queen size. Most everything must serve at least 2 purposes. I’m open to more suggestions. Thank you very kindly. Tom & Sandy ( married 60 + Years

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