400 Square Foot Skyline by Zip Kit Homes

Building the right sized home to fit your needs is smarter, less expensive, simpler and better for the environment.  We focus on smaller, efficiently designed homes over big homes with extra space that rarely gets used.” – Zip Kit Homes

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15 thoughts on “400 Square Foot Skyline by Zip Kit Homes”

  1. Jason Braeburn

    This is great! I suppose you could cut back on the length by doing a loft space above the living room?

  2. I was thinking if you have kids. Add a 2nd floor, move the kitchen/bathroom to the bedroom, extend the living room. Make a loft of the two bedrooms with an open concept hallway that looks over the kitchen with a huge window looking out from the kitchen/hallway. You could use a ladder to access the 2nd floor.

  3. patti leonhardt

    There is absolutely nothing I would change! I love everything about the Skyline home. Are these homes accepted into existing neighborhoods? Not as a mobile home, but as a regular stickbuilt home> Thanks

  4. A tiny house is just great for me! I’d want it to be solar powered completely.

  5. Brilliant, brilliant use of space. This, with good insulation and double-glazing and an additional roof, would be a good design for the desert south-west in the USA. It cold even, with a long side facing South, make a good “earthed” house set into a hillside (I forget the term for a “cave” house. for security, put a wrought-iron grill-fronted deck on the front. Security in isolated places must be a major consideration, especially in these times. ; but if free-standing. putting a roofed “planters gallery” with decorative iron grille around the perimeter would work well– and if it included a barbecue grill in one corner, and a small fountain in another, –such a perimeter-patio would be marvellous for entertaining the neighbours.

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