5 Small Homes Built in 3 Weeks

…five small homes that are each only 500 sq. ft. They are 1 bedroom, 1 bath, with a nice front porch, living room and kitchen. The builder poured all the slabs in one day and once they started framing, they had all five of them framed, drywalled, and painted within 3 weeks.” – Blankenship Small Homes in Alabama.

While these were built professionally as rentals, it shows how possible it might be for an enterprising builder to construct and affordable tiny house village. Read and see more about these Blankenship Small Homes in Alabama.

32 thoughts on “5 Small Homes Built in 3 Weeks

    • Lisa says:

      I love them all! I think this would be more “sound” if built on a foundation, or, had a basement. I know many are asking for blue prints, but if you can afford to build this, you can afford a decent architect to draw up inexpensive plans. I know a few college students who could draw up great plans for a nominal fee! Seriously, if you have an acre to an acre plus of land, money to invest, I would jump on it! This has been a dream of mine for awhile now.

  1. Brenda Powell says:

    Could I get more information o these cute little houses?….I would like to know how much land you would need to put 5 houses this size on it?….Thank you.

  2. Harsha P says:

    I liked those small Blankenship small home, how much does it cost to build and how much land is needed for 3 homes. Thanks

  3. Sally wright says:

    A little house like this is just what I’m looking for. Could you send more information, please?

  4. Charlotte Rush says:

    General inquiry Cost of these homes, rental amount and neighborhood Cost of living in the area Crime rate They are lovely Want small house but increasing cost because of high demand Fayetteville, Arkansas

  5. Ren says:

    If…..We Don’t Understand the Principle of..Rip-Off.. and Control of.. RENTING.. vs.. the Affordability of ”TINY” Building.. where …Construction Costs making Ownership Available for Everyone..
    (Fair Equal Opportunity FINANCING 4 All)

    — The Ones trying to PROFIT.. from Affordable Housing..are Drooling for this Opportunity to Take Advantage of Ignorant Consumers…

    ..It Changes Everything… if we are ”forced” into TINY Space vs. Choose Minimal Sustainable habitat’s….with Freewill..

    RENTing will GIVE AWAY Our Freedom of Choice……(by Agreement and Lack of Perception) and Creates….Even more opportunities for Suppression of FAIR Housing for All…

    DON’T SELLOUT… Think it Through..
    PLEASE… ^_~ …..<3

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Love the passion. Caveat Emptor is always good advice.

      What I’m more worried about is that huge six figure mortgages are considered ‘normal’. In many ways these loans are far more dangerous than renting because they give buyers the illusion of home ownership at the cost of what is essentially voluntary economic slavery.

      Renting as a path to mortgage free home ownership may be a better option for some. The real trick is retooling our collective understanding of what should be normal.

      • Stephanie Mcbroom says:

        I would be interested in renting one of these houses they are just what I need. Could I get information on how to do so? Thanks

  6. Barbara Randall says:

    They’re cute and I’d probably live in one. The only problem I have with them is that they’re too close together.

  7. Petra S. says:

    Once upon a time, this was the average house. My great grandparents lived in a house like these in 1868. My grandmother lived in a house like these until she passed in 1972. The major difference is that most of those old houses sat on raised foundations… not a slab.

    • sean ahn says:

      About 60 to 120/sq. Ft. All depends on the materials used, your labor sources, and soft costs. For a beginner, think closer to 120. For an experienced builder, with standard materials and reliable labor, it would be closer to 60.

      I am a builder in the Los Angeles area looking to transition to tiny building. If anyone is interested in sharing resources, please shoot me an email.


    • Michael Janzen says:

      Which question were you referring to? The cost question? I did post a reply… just not to each and every question since that would be overwhelming. I do not know the cost to build, the original story didn’t report it.

  8. Julie says:

    Those are wonderful affordable homes. I am glad the Home building industry is helping people that do not have a ton of money get their own tiny home and a slice of the American Dream. AWESOME !

    • Nancy says:

      Well I hope it will be affordable and be Canadian dream too. Would be nice to have them for those on fixed income/welfare, a place to call real home.
      One person would love a place that sleeps one.

  9. Jane Ferguson says:

    Great insprional information. I’ll keep this article when Im ready to do my own Tiny a House Village.
    Wish these great builders could come to help me!

  10. Nancy says:

    My kind of style any of them. So cute, reminds me of my aunts little home on her sister’s property, and her sister’s little home. Just for Summer though and then back to big city.
    The colours are happy.

  11. Pat c says:

    where is the contractor , that would make a 55 plus development , they would sell like hot cakes , as long as the builder doesn’t get greedy with the price

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