500 Square Foot Strawbale Studio by Down to Earth Design

Down to Earth designed this 500 SF strawbale studio apartment in Arlington, Virginia.  It was built on an existing pad foundation.  Walls are strawbale infill around a timber frame structure.  Exterior has wood siding, while interior uses clay plaster dug from the site.  Most of the interior materials were salvage or repurposed, including the windows, flooring, fixtures, and cabinets.  The dormers have a planted roof to help absorb rainwater and keep the loft cool.” – Down to Earth Design

See more of this 500 Square Foot Strawbale Studio

8 thoughts on “500 Square Foot Strawbale Studio by Down to Earth Design”

  1. Maranita Pettit

    I really like the look of this tiny house and would love to see how the inside looks.

    1. click the link at the end of the quote that says, see more of this “500 square foot strawbale studio”

  2. Sherrie Allen

    I don’t know if I could deal with the walls. Something about dirt walls that just does not appeal to me. However, I love the design and idea of the house. Def. something to keep in mind for future construction. Congratulations to the designer and builder.

  3. how safe is this? we all know that straw and hay bales can build up heat and catch on fire.

    1. They build up heat when “green” and I assume one would wait until the bales have dried, just like lumber.

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