A House for Khayelitsha – Update

I posted an update of the design for A House for Khayelitsha on Tiny House Design. It measures 16′ by 16′ (5 meters by 5 meters), has a sleeping loft, and simple passive solar design. The structure is made up of simple 2×4 and plywood panels.

I’m working to finish the plans quickly so that the house could be built, assuming it meets all their requirements. I’ll also publish the plans online in case anyone else wants to build this simple prefab solar house.

A House for Khayelitsha – Update

2 thoughts on “A House for Khayelitsha – Update”

  1. I’m commenting “late to the party”. Did you consider a 16’x16′ with a shed roof? Would that be an easier roof to assemble? [I don’t know, but was thinking a ladder could be built within the wall and the roof be brought up with a block and tack or pulleys.] Would a shed roof loft give more area, too? I’m envisioning two 8’x8′ rooms in the loft for private/family space and common area space on ground floor. Perhaps these are thoughts for another project. Glad you’ve taken on the project!

    1. I did consider using a shed roof and still may but I went this route because I think it would be more sturdy since the size of the panels is kind of limited… limited in that any bigger and they would be hard to handle for one or two people. But I really like your ideas Judy… I’ll definitely consider alternatives.

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