A Tiny House With A Bedroom!

The folks at Humble Homes are working up another design – this one with a lower level bedroom. They are also working to make it more accessible and are inviting feedback.

“Today we’re going to give you a ‘sneak-peak’ of our first tiny house to feature a bedroom! This model is 21′ in length by 7′-8″ in width… This home is another attempt to address the issues surrounding tiny houses and accessibility – but how well have we done? Are you disabled, or getting older, making the lofted bedroom a ‘no-go’? We’d like to hear your opinions on this design and whether or not this home is a feasible option for you.”

Read the full post on A Tiny House With A Bedroom! | Humble Homes.

5 thoughts on “A Tiny House With A Bedroom!”

  1. If you make the couch/living room area the bed also it serves two purposes. Stacking I think they call it in Permaculture where everything has multiple reasons for being to increase efficiency. My couch is elevated for lots of storage underneath (more than we need actually and easier to access than a loft storage) and is big enough for my friend Richard to sleep on when he comes to visit. He is 6’2″. It has shelves on either side for books etc. So our 21’x 7’8″house has a “guest room” living room and I put curtains on it to give more privacy and give it that gypsy wagon bed look. The bath where you have it is good too. Takes up much less space and gives a more open central area. I leave the bathroom door open and it makes the place seem even bigger and brighter since there is a window and mirrors in it.

  2. Nice plan. As good as any for stuffing maximum useability into such a small space. My ground floor bed would be a couch or futon that folds out into a bed so that it could be daytime seating. Or it would be an elevated platform with storage underneath. Somewhere in there I would stuff a compact washer/dryer, and I’d have to figure out where to put my clothes. I’m not sure what that space is on the wall opposite the kitchen wall, since it is shown with a window. And since I’m a prepper with a fair amount of stored goods, I would probably have a detached shipping container nearby to house all of that stuff.

    1. I want to live in one of these as well but don’t yet I’m also a prepper that’s what lead me to these as kind of a bug out solution , how is it being a prepper in such small space

  3. Ditto on the couch for sleeping area, especially if you just need a single bed. Grandkids can tuck up in the loft when they visit. My place is going to have a very similar setup, but the shower area on here would be a wet bath on mine and the toilet area is where I’m putting a large closet/clothes storage area. I will have a large window at the end of the narrow hallway but the wet bath door could be swung out to close off the whole closet/wet bath (allowing the hall area to be used for a changing room) or used to close off just the wet bath and allow the window and hall space to be part of the main volume. A floor to ceiling pullout pantry will divide the kitchen from the living area and will have a couple of flipup counter options and be able to pivot out and back towards the wall when pulled out.

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